Gas Gas e- bikes 2021

GAS GAS E-Bike 2021

Binnenkort gaat Gas Gas ook e- bike fietsen leveren, vooral de MTB serie.
Hieronder een beschrijving in het Engels hoe deze eruit gaat zien.

New times are dawning for GASGAS. Up to now, the Spaniards had gasoline in their blood; from 2021, electricity will be added. For the 2021 season, the motorcycle manufacturer is adding twelve e-bikes to its portfolio. Unlike the motorcycle product line, however, GASGAS want to appeal to everyone from off-road enthusiasts to city commuters with their e-bikes. With engine manufacturer Yamaha, GASGAS is getting a partner on board who also has motorsport experience. The new e-bikes should be available from spring 2021.


The GASGAS product range 2021
The flagship of the GASGAS line-up is the GASGAS Enduro Cross 11.0, propelled by the powerful Yamaha PW-X2 engine with 630-Wh-battery. At the front, a FOX 38 suspension fork with 160 mm travel is used, while at the rear, the 160 mm travel is managed by a FOX DPX2 shock. A wheel mix of 29″ tires in the front and 27.5″ tires in the rear is supposed to provide good rollover behavior and maneuverability, while the SRAM G2 RSC brakes with 200 mm disc brakes take over the deceleration. Also from SRAM comes the GX-Eagle transmission with 12 gears. In addition to the top model, GASGAG offer the Enduro Cross 9.0 with RockShox suspension and SX-Eagle transmission, as well as the entry-level model GASGAS Enduro Cross 8.0 with a Shimano Deore transmission.
With the GASGAS Train Cross 9.0, the GASGAS Train Cross 7.0 and the GASGAS Train Cross 5.0, three e-bikes with 140 mm of suspension travel on the front and rear are ready to go. While the top model GASGAS Train Cross 9.0 relies on the powerful Yamaha PW-X2 with 630-Wh battery and 80 Nm, the Train Cross 7.0 and Train Cross 5.0 use the Yamaha PW-ST engine with 500-Wh battery and 70 Nm torque.

In addition to the full-suspension models, the GASGAS Cross Country 7.0, the GASGAS Cross Country 5.0 and the GASGAS Cross Country 4.0 are three hardtails with Yamaha PW-ST engine and 120 mm suspension travel at the front. While the first two models roll on 29″ tires, the Cross Country 4.0 model uses smaller 27.5″ tires. For the younger generation, the motorcycle manufacturer offers the even smaller GASGAS Cross Country 3.0 with 26″ tires and a Yamaha PW-CE engine with 50 Nm torque.