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Trekker Case set with carrier

Robust case carrier system:
◦Simple fitting on existing mounting points
◦No modification necessary to pillion foot pegs
◦Optimum load distribution through existing mounting points on the chassis

Rugged, splash-proof aluminum case set for mixed use. Whether on undulating gravel roads, extensive touring or just around town, the "Trekker" aluminum case will not let you down.
◦Manufactured from 1.5 mm thick aluminum
◦Brushed, natural anodized aluminum surface with embossed KTM logo
◦Protected from water spray
◦Edges reinforced with engineering polymer
◦Dimensions: 49.5 cm x 31 cm x 39 cm (left)
◦Volume: 48 L
◦Dimensions: 49.5 cm x 25 cm x 39 cm (right)
◦Volume: 37 L
◦maximum loading per side: 10 kg
◦Lockable and completely removable case cover
◦Includes 2 locks for each case
◦Stainless steel lashing rings
◦Recommended use: light off-road touring, gravel slopes, surfaced roads